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正直 気泡だらけになると思ってた

すぐ量産! ストレスなくいける!


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Hi Awo ! it's ogami !

How do you do ? happy01

Wow I just have browsed your blog and just have seen your new sculpt ! Excellent ! I suppose that you will sell it at the WF 2012 !
Good luck with the sales my friend ! clover

Have a nice day !


投稿: ogamitaicho | 2012/07/24 23:28

Oh, hi ogami ~~!! Glad to see you again !! happy02

Yeah, this is my new sculpt for the WF2012Summer !
I don't know how many people remember him. He is a villain of 仮面ライダー( Masked Rider ) of 12 years ago.
But how I love him ! I wanted his figure for 12 years !! I was waiting for someone to sell him for 12 years !!! ....No one tried him.weep

So this is very individual GK for me, to me, by me !

投稿: 野山あを | 2012/07/25 01:08

I totally understand ! I love the idea of a GK for you, to you and by you ! good To be honest, I know Masked Rider but the show was never broad casted here... not sure that I know the character but I find the design pretty nice..^_^

By the way I have just completed an EVA-02 that I bought last year on Yahoo Japan Auction (Sclupted by LMU-23). Maybe that you know this sculptor... I made a base with some destroyed buildings and some other self made stuffs.. I had a lot of fun on it :
I don't have posted the picts on deviantArt yet, here are some links to the galleries for the moment :
WIP => http://s609.photobucket.com/albums/tt173/ogamitaicho/EVA-02%20The%20beast/WIP/?albumview=slideshow
Gallery => http://s609.photobucket.com/albums/tt173/ogamitaicho/EVA-02 The beast/Gallery/?albumview=slideshow

Hope that you will like it !
Take care Awo ! Have a nice day ! sun Hugs ! catface

投稿: ogamitaicho | 2012/07/27 22:49

Wonder Festival was over successfully !

Wow, your art work is excellent !!
Really I have great respect for your ability.
And the logotype is indistinguishable from official one. So cool !
Truly amazing !!

投稿: 野山あを | 2012/07/31 16:27





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