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J'aimerais connaître les Français

Du point de vue international, la France est sur les mauvais termes avec les USA, est-ce que ce n'est pas?
L'Américain m'appelle Jap ou Banane lorsque je visite leur bavardage, comme d'habitude.
Est-ce qu'ils vous appellent aussi par un mot désobligeant? Ou vous les appelez par quelque chose comme ceci?

C'est juste seulement mon intérêt. Je suis curieux savoir. Je ne signifie aucun mal à vous!

Du point de vue international, France est sur les mauvais termes avec USA, n'est-ce pas ? L'Américain m'appelle Jap ou Banane quand je visite leur conversation, comme d'habitude. Ils vous appellent par un mot désobligeant aussi ? Ou vous les appelez par quelque chose comme ceci ?

Ceci est juste seulement mon intérêt. Je suis curieux pour savoir. Je ne signifie pas de mal à vous !

From the international point of view, France is on bad terms with USA, isn't it?
The American calls me Jap or Banana when I visit their chat, as usual.
Do they call you by a disparaging word too? Or you call them by something like this?

This is just only my interest. I am curious to know. I mean no harm to you!


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投稿: こちゃまる | 2011/03/18 22:18


投稿: 野山あを | 2011/03/19 10:18

Bonjour Awo,

Tes remarques sont très intéressantes, je ne dirais pas que la France est en mauvais termes avec les états-Unis, je dirais qu’il y eu une fracture quand Georges Bush était président. La France a heureusement refusé de prendre part au conflit en Irak. Maintenant, les relations ses sont améliorées.
Après la façon de vivre est assez différente, peut-être moins «consumériste». Nous sommes attaché à certaines valeurs, par exemple la nourriture, même si nous avons des fast-food tels que Mac Donald, nous sommes quand même attachés à une certaine manière de manger par exemple avec la «gastronomie».

On nous appelle de temps de temps «frogs» ou «froggys», plutôt les anglais d’ailleurs, et en retours, les anglais sont parfois appelés «rosebeef», pas très glorieux tout ça, mais cela viens de la rivalité France/angleterre qui dure depuis des siècle. Au moyen-âge, il y a eu la guerre de «cent ans» entre nos deux pays : ;)
Par rapport au Japon, c’est pas évident à dire, je dirais que c’est comme partout ailleurs, les gens qui ne connaissent pas bien les autres cultures peuvent être irrespectueux et xénophobes à cause de la méconnaissances des autres cultures... Je dirais plutôt de la bêtise et de la méchanceté à cause d’une méconnaissance des us et coutumes d’autres pays...

De mon côté j’ai un regard très subjectif sur le Japon... je t’explique pourquoi... j’ai 33 ans maintenant et j’ai passé toute mon enfance (et encore maintenant) à regarder des anime Japonnais ! J’ai grandis avec Grendizer(UFOロボ·グレンダイザ), Gavan (宇宙刑事ギャバン ),Harlock(キャプテン・ハーロック), Saint Seiya (聖闘士星矢), Les mystérieuses cités d’or (太陽の子エステバン) et beaucoup plus encore !
Plus tard, je me suis intéressé aux mangas et au jeux vidéos japonais, les studio Ghibli, le modélisme avec les GK et des maquettes plastiques. Je me suis mis au Karate que je pratique toujours ! ;) A partir du moment que je me suis intéressé à la culture japonaise, je l’ai aimé de plus en plus ! :)
Il est sûr que je viendrai visiter le Japon un jour, ce n’est qu’une question de temps.
Je ne suis pas le seul dans ce cas et j’ai beaucoup d’amis Français et aussi d’autre amis modelers sur des forum internationaux qui aiment aussi à la culture Japonaise et le Japon. Un pays fascinant de part sa culture et les gens qui y résident. Je suis d’ailleurs très content de pouvoir discuster de telles choses avec toi Awo !
Beaucoup de personnes en France (et partout ailleurs) ont un immence respect pour le Japon, la preuve est de voir le soutien apporter par de nombreuses personnes lors de la catastrophe qui vous touche en ce moment.
J’ai eu la chance discuter brièvement grâce à un interprète avec Isao Takahata 高畑・勲 lors d’une ce ses visites en France lors de la promotion de 平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ et j’ai été touché et impressionné par la personne, si humble et sympathique, un souvenir qui restera gravé dans ma mémoire !
Merci à toi, c’est très enrichissant car la barrière de langue fait que les occasions sont peu nombreuses finalement... ;)

Hi Awo,

Your comments are very interesting, I would not say that France is on bad terms with the United States, I would say there was a fracture when George Bush was president. Fortunately, France has refused to take part in the conflict in Iraq. Now, relationships have improved.
After the lifestyle is quite different, perhaps less ‘consumerist’. We are committed to certain values, such as food, even if we have fast food like McDonalds, we are still committed to a way of eating for example with the «gastronomy».

Some of them call us from time to time «frogs» or «Froggys» (more the UK-English people), and in return, some may call the english people «rosebeef» not very glorious stuff, but it just rivalry France vs England which has lasted for centuries. In the Middle Ages, there was the war of «hundred years» between our two countries;)
Compared to Japan, it’s not easy to say, I’d say it’s like everywhere else, people who are not familiar with other cultures can be disrespectful and xenophobic because of their ignorance... . I would say the stupidity and badness is more because of ignorance of the habits and customs of other countries ...

From my side I have a very subjective view on Japan ... I’ll explain why ... I am 33 now and I spent all my childhood (and still now) to watch Japanese anime ! I grew up with Grendizer (UFO ロボ グレンダイザ), Gavan (宇宙刑事ギャバン ), Harlock (キャプテン ハー ロック), Saint Seiya (圣 闘 士 星矢), Mysterious Cities of Gold (太陽 の 子 エステ バン) and much more!
Later, I became interested in manga and Japanese video games, the Studio Ghibli, the model making with GK and plastic models. I still study and practice karate! ;) From the moment that I was interested in Japanese culture, I loved it even more! :)
Certainly I will come visit Japan one day, this is a matter of time. I am not alone in this case and I have many French friends and also other modelers friends on international forums also love the Japanese culture and Japan. A fascinating country because of its culture and people who live there. I am very happy to talk about such things with you Awo ! Many people in France (and elsewhere) have a immence respect for Japan, the proof is to show the support of many people in the disaster that affects you right now...

I had the chance to briefly discuss through an interpreter with Isao Takahata 高 畑 勲 He was visiting France to promote his movie 平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ .I was touched and impressed by the person, so humble and friendly, that day will remain engraved in my memory!
Thank you so much my friend ! It’s very rewarding to be able to speak with Japanese people ! because the language barrier, such opportunities are very limited after all ... ;)

投稿: ogamitaicho | 2011/03/22 22:04

I didn't expect that you put such energetic long reply.coldsweats02

Eek! Some people say don't let France and USA go to a stricken area together; Japan ought to be careful about their stationing.
Does the advice miss the point??

>we are still committed to a way of eating for example with the «gastronomy».

Really?! It's too suitable for France! Just like a joke...!

I can't find the relation of frog and the French at all. And "rosebeef" gives me a image of something like very delicious meat.
Thank you for your answer.
Well.. In my personal impression, "Hey, Jap" is one of greetings. They use it without deep meaning. A casual term.
I feel more ill will in Banana.
Yellow skin, white inside...ummm nice sarcasm! It impressed me when I consulted a dictionary.

In linguistics, English dictionary says "French" has not very good meaning. I wonder if native English speakers use it still now. Maybe you already know, "french kiss" means "tiny, pretty cute kiss" in Japanese. Recently we found it meant "Tongue wrestle, deep kiss" in English, so we are often confused by this word wobbly

Ha! Enghish... I wish I could be good at English more!
I can talk less than a half of what I want to tell you.
So irritated.annoyannoyannoy
I want to chat more speedy and fluently!

The anime titles are sooo familiar to me! I'm 35. Though Grendizer is too old to me, I grew up with them too.
Especially Les mystérieuses cités d’or (太陽の子エステバン) ... Japanese fan are much indebted to France! Do you know? We have lost the original film. The DVD is printed from French version!

I understand your passion. How can I tell you my gladness?!

あー オタ話ししてーなーー!!

投稿: 野山あを | 2011/03/24 12:42

Bonjour Awo ! :D

Yep I know that "gastronomy" and France looks a little bit like a joke !^^; Many of us are attached to our way of living/eating but sometimes we go eating to fast food or other american restaurant ! ;)

English people ar calling us frogs because, even I have never tried frogs, we do eat frogs (and snails too) ! ;) and english people are very digusted by the idea ! LOL
They are sometimes called "Rosebeef", I think that it is because they may often have reddish skin (rosy-cheeked) and because they mainly eat beef... I don't like such "nicknames" because of course, all the english people are not rosy-cheecked and all French people do not eat frogs every day ! ;)
Honnestly, I didn't knew that English dictonary were saying that "French" was pejorative...
Yep the "french kiss" is knew here too has a deep kiss" ! LOL <3

Me too I wish I would speak a better english ! ;)
Anyway, we can communicate, maybe not as good as we would, but that is already great ! \\(^_^)//

About anime tittles, yep I watched Grendizer, but it was some rebroadcast... many anime were brodcasted in France some years after Japan.
太陽の子エステバン is one of the most popular anime here ! Every friends and people of my generation are just loving this anime.
It is a japanese-french animated serie ! A great collaboration !
Thanks for the informations about the DVD, because I didn't knew it ! ;)

I have two sons, (6 and 3 years old) and I can tell you that they are already fans ! I have watched again all the serie with them recently, and it is always so nice, even after so many years ! ;)
They love (me and my wife too) the Studio Ghibli movies, sometimes, I let the japanese voices, so they will be used to this beautiful langage ! :)

Have a nice day my friend and take care of you and yor family ! Big hugs ! ^_^


PS :
I have tried a google translation but your last japanese sentence is not very clear for me ^^;:
"あー オタ話ししてーなーー!!

投稿: ogamitaicho | 2011/03/29 21:28

Bonjour 大神隊長さん!

I've eaten frogs twice! I didn't know you do eat frogs! (゚0゚)
Escargot is known as French menu well. I've eaten it too. Tasty! snail Escargot is not very uncommon food. We can try it anytime.

Thank you for your kindness having a displeasing talk with me. But the information is totally interesting. Thank you again!

Yes, we can communicate! I thank to compulsory education for English ( though I didn't like my studies in my school days :p )!
And I thank to the engineer who developed auto-translator! I owe it to auto-translator that I can visit any language webpages.

The broadcasting station of 太陽の子エステバン is NHK( Nippon broadcast association ) , a government-controlled station.
It stands to reason that it has a better taste than commercial broadcasting. The collaboration was made from our tax! LOL

My husband loves Ghibli too.
Especially Mon voisin Totoroとなりのトトロ, Le Château dans le ciel天空の城ラピュタ, Princesse Mononokéもののけ姫 are almost national movies. We have memorized their lines enough to use them at daily talk!
The words in Ghibli movies are particularly beautiful Japanese that nearly we lost. So we feel the sounds beautiful too! I don't know if that is the reason, sometimes I meet a scene that the overseas person speaks beautiful Japanese than us! coldsweats02

Then excuse me for the last Japanese lines! bleah
I know it was too colloquial to you! But it IS the my real feeling! A cry of my mind!
Let me rewrite it in literary style,
See? ^^

Best regards to your sons and wife!

投稿: 野山あを | 2011/04/01 13:38





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